Jumpstart Social Enterprise (JSE) 2.0

About Jumpstart Social Enterprise (JSE) 2.0

SAP Labs India and DLabs at the Indian School of Business (ISB) launched the 2nd cohort of Jumpstart Social Enterprise Accelerator Program in June, 2017 after the successful graduation of the 1st cohort of entrepreneurs. The program was designed in close partnership with Centre for Innovation and Entrepreneurship [CIE] and the associated faculty members from the Indian School of Business. For this program we have partnered with SAP Labs India and Department of Science and Technology through Nidhi accelerator program to support a total of 15 Startups [10 early stage startups and 5 growth stage] who are developing disruptive technologies focusing on creating large scale impact across diverse sectors in India (for instance, in sectors such as education, healthcare, water and sanitation, energy and environment, agriculture, financial technology, infrastructure, livelihoods and many others). The goal was to support the teams through customized series of interventions in order to scale up their technology solutions and maximize impact creation.

The six month acceleration program supported entrepreneurs in:

● Business model validation: through highly customized workshops and sessions run by functional and domain experts
● Intensive engagement: with domain specific mentors to understand the right product market fit
● Providing networking and industry connects: leveraging the expertise of ISB faculty and industry wide networks
● Facilitating investments: by refining their investment pitch decks and providing access to investors during demo day
● Establish a core set of Key Performance Indicators (KPIs) that can be tracked over time
● Develop strategies for measuring and assessing the social impact created by their ventures

Jumpstart Social Enterprise (JSE) 2.0 Cohort